Andrea Corsi and Daniele Vertelli

A truly harmonized duo creating unforgettable, unique images.

I first met Andrea and Daniele in 2010 at a wedding near Montebenichi. I had never seen two photographers working so well together, but in a fun way. I saw them both stretched out on the bride’s bed to catch her from every angle; almost inside the groom’s bath tub as he was happily scrubbing himself. And after laughing heartily with them, I saw the awesome outcome of their extraordinary work, full of incredible emotion, always able to make you shed a tear, even when you look at pictures of unknown couples that Andrea and Daniele make you feel familiar and close.
Andrea and Daniele work together or separately, aware of their mutual value and not in the least jealous of all the much-deserved prizes they have been awarded through the years.
On a different note, they both adore cats and dogs like me!
Thanks guys!


• Andrea Corsi 

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