Tuscan pre-eminence in photography

The quality and charm of Tuscan photographers is being awarded

Something incredible is happening to Tuscan photographers. Not only are they becoming unbeatable, being awarded international prizes, and becoming more popular and talented by the day. They are also charming and proud of their colleagues’ success, and celebrate together, never turning down an occasion to share good Tuscan food and wines!
In this picture, David Bastianoni (red chair), Andrea Corsi (director’s chair), Daniele Vertelli (white chair)
Standing, Marco Miglianti and Edoardo Agresti (wearing a hat).

  • http://www.davidbastianoni.com/it/
  • http://www.andreacorsi.biz
  • http://www.danielevertelli.com/
  • http://www.marcomiglianti.it/
  • http://www.edoardoagresti.it/

Altri fotografi da segnalare in Toscana:

  • http://www.domenicocostabile.com
  • http://www.lisapoggi.com
  • http://www.leliascarfiotti.com
  • http://www.weddingphotos.it
  • http://www.fortunatocaracciolo.it
  • http://www.robertopanciatici.com
  • http://www.carlogiorgi.com
  • Http://www.cristianobrizzi.net
  • http://www.laraemme.it
  • http://www.weddingimages.it
  • http://www.corbingurkin.com
  • http://www.mimmodenicolais.com
  • http://www.fabiomirulla.com
  • http://www.alessandroghedina.com
  • http://www.liviolacurre.it
  • http://rochellecheever.com
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