Castello del Trebbio

An enchanting venue for your ceremony in the Chianti countryside

I started working with Alberto Peroni, the person in charge of the tourist activities at the Castle, early in my career as a celebrant. I was impressed by Alberto’s serene eyes, showing his friendly availability.  All the couples I sugggested the castle for their wedding ceremony, wedding dinner and accommodation in the charming farmhouses around the castle loved him. As I never tire saying, the Castle would not be the same without Alberto. Claudio Vignali, chef of the wonderful restaurant La Sosta del Gusto, is a valuable contribution to the success of this venue. This is actually where I celebrated my 50th birthday a few years ago! Let’s not forget the selection of great wines produced by Stefano Casadei and Anna Baj-Macario on the premises, in southern Tuscany and in Sardinia. is not exclusive towards any venue, but we do have favorites that have impressed us with their quality, ambience and professionalism.
This page lists the venues we have worked with and have impressed us for specific reasons. We have absolutely no economic interest in promoting them, we only want to give you our advice like a friend would if you asked them.
We will consistently update this page each time a venue will attract our interest.