Villa Pitiana

Not far from Florence, this venue offers beautiful grounds for your ceremony and reception, as well as cozy accommodation

We have celebrated several wedding ceremonies through the years in this fantastic villa with an exceptional view over the Arno valley, just a30-minute drive from Florence.
Run by the excellent Emanuela Nobile, the villa also offers a fine restaurant run by the talented chef Mario Perone, and supported by the villa’s staff. The many rooms and apartments reflect the villa’s style, always showing an unmistakable style. is not exclusive towards any venue, but we do have favorites that have impressed us with their quality, ambience and professionalism.
This page lists the venues we have worked with and have impressed us for specific reasons. We have absolutely no economic interest in promoting them, we only want to give you our advice like a friend would if you asked them.
We will consistently update this page each time a venue will attract our interest.