One of the loveliest Medici Villas in the outskirts of Florence has opened in 2015

Located on a hill overlooking Florence, and Brunelleschi’s dome, in the heart of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini, the Villa Medicea di Lilliano opened in August 2015 and has already welcomed several happy couples to celebrate their special day amidst the Tuscan hills. Eric Veroliemeulen’s special attention, the beautiful spaces, and elegantly renovated residences make the Villa a dream come true. Check out the historic Granaio Banquet Room and the renovated 15th century Limonaia Banquet Hall, and don’t forget to taste the lovely wines and olive oil the Malenchini family, owners since 1836, produces on the premises. is not exclusive towards any venue, but we do have favorites that have impressed us with their quality, ambience and professionalism.
This page lists the venues we have worked with and have impressed us for specific reasons. We have absolutely no economic interest in promoting them, we only want to give you our advice like a friend would if you asked them.
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