Wedding Planner

the final outcome that makes the difference

This page mainly allows me to thank the wedding planners I have been working most, and who have trusted my work for all these years. Secondly, it can be a source of inspiration for your wedding ceremony.


In 2007 I started working for Alice Fognani, a wedding planner based in Genoa and owner of the SposiamoVi agency.


Infinity wedding

I started my collaboration with this wonderful team in 2009; this has originated a great friendship, and it couldn’t have been otherwise.

Read more... is not exclusive towards any wedding planner, but we do have favorites that have impressed us with their spirit and professionalism. This page lists the planners we have worked with and have impressed us for specific reasons. We have absolutely no economic interest in promoting them, we only want to give you our advice like a friend would if you asked them. We will consistently update this page each time a wedding planning company will attract our interest.