Lucy, Steve & Francesca

A joyful symbolic wedding strengthened by the welcome ritual for the couple’s baby girl.

Lucy had her Mother walk her down the yellow-petal strewn aisle to her very moved soon-to-be husband, Steve.  Lucy brightly colored bouquet matched the merriness of this couple and their 6-month-old daughter Francesca.
During the ceremony, Lucy e Steve exchanged the vows they had written themselves, describing the reasons why they were marrying each other: the beauty of their feelings touched all the guests. 
The highlight of this ceremony was when Francesca was welcomed in her family with the six colored ribbons and the special wishes symbolizing the gifts that relatives and friends wished for Francesca in her future life.

Additional Info

  • Celebrant: Jo Bertolino
  • Wedding planner: Varese Weddings -
  • Florist: Stiatti Fiori -
  • Photos: Peter Creighton
  • Catering: Class-Ricevimenti -