John & Patricia

A very intimate symbolic wedding in a very special environment.

John contacted me one month before his wedding, when I thought the season would be over. He said he had contacted other celebrants but after my reply, he decided I was the right person for them. And they were the right people for me, I would like to add! The words they used to describe their story touched me deep inside, confirming that Love’s ways are sometimes unfathomable!
John and Patricia selected a very special venue for their wedding, the frescoed Cardinal’s chapel in the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, and decided to have the Unity Candle and Toast to Life rituals. As they were eloping, and had no guests with them, I included a poem by Neruda selected by Patricia, and a song by David Gray, The One I Love. John had told me he had sung this song to Patricia when he proposed in Paris. 
I must say that romantic stories impress me the most, and I am always grateful that my couples share with me, a person they often only meet over the Internet, the poetry of their love. I have a wonderful job!

Additional Info

  • Venue: Four Season Firenze -
  • Celebrant: Jo Bertolino
  • Photos: Alessandro Ghedina -