Britt and Brad

A wedding highlighting the importance of the parents in the life of the newly-weds

Britt first contacted me in February last year from Canada. In Brad’s words, Britt is very determined, loyal, and has a special ability to tell it as she sees it. But she is also selflessly generous to others. In fact, one of the first things she asked was not for herself: she wanted to honor Brad’s father memory during the ceremony, and to express her gratitude for her parents and Brad’s mother. I believe that for a parent, this kind of acknowledgement one of the most moving expressions of love. And in fact, the ceremony was especially moving. After the ceremony, the lovely photographer Rochelle Cheever, who I have been lucky enough to find on my path several times now, did a photo shooting of this lovely couple in the wonderful town of Orvieto.

Additional Info

  • Venue: Hotel La Badia, Orvieto
  • Celebrant: Jo Bertolino
  • Photos: Rochelle Cheever