Carol and Spencer

Un matrimonio che tutti gli ospiti ricorderanno come un fantastico viaggio in Italia.

Carol and Spencer got married in Florence, and Carol took care of all the flowers and table decorations, as shown in the pictures. This is what they wrote to describe their adventure.
Hi Jo!!!!!!!! We are back home! What an AMAZING wedding and adventure we had throughout Europe. We got SO MANY compliments from our guests about the wedding and everyone adored you!!!!!!!!! My mom kept saying what a wonderful energy you had and how it really added to the ceremony.
Many many thanks to you and everything you did to make our day and our experience and Florence so special. Aside from that, I appreciate everything you did with organizing and setting up at Golden View, arranging for us to have our own music, introducing us to the florist, and your suggestions for photographs..the photos came out beautiful! Our guests were saying their favorite part of Italy was the experience of our wedding. I cannot thank you enough for creating this wonderful experience for us. It was truly unforgettable. ;)
I have a feeling we will make our way back to Florence for sure!!!!! I'll be keeping an eye on plane ticket;)
Grazie mille!!!