Jo Bertolino - Jo Bertolino - Photographer:Roberto Panciatici
Proud to be a fully inclusive, non-discriminating organization.

Jo and her team of professional celebrants take pride in highlighting the milestones and commitments of your lives, at the time same acknowledging and honoring important transitions and events.
Please ask for our advice on readings to include in the ceremony, writing your own vows both for your wedding and your vow renewal, music, and tips and details to make your celebration a great success. As celenrants, we will collaborate in guiding you in the choice of the rituals, readings and music to fulfil your ideas for your symbolic wedding in Tuscany and Italy. Together we will discuss your idea of the ceremony, through Skype, email and phone consultations, until you reach the ceremony that meets your needs. You may want to rehearse the day before, but we will also be there before the ceremony to go over the final details, and present you with a beautiful parchment as a keepsake of the day.

Jo and her team of professional celebrants will celebrate and help you create personalized ceremonies such as symbolic weddings; vow renewals; commitment ceremonies; baby welcomings and adoptions; survivor tributes, in Italian, English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Russian.

In a recent interview, she described herself as follows:

I was born near Rome, the product of an American mother and a Sicilian father, I am fluent in both Italian and English. I would like to think that I got my creativity from my mother and my communication ability from my father. (Dad is a retired Protestant minister.). I moved to Florence when I was 19, in 1979, so this is where I lived most, which doesn’t necessarily make me a true Florentine!
In addition to working as a celebrant, I also work as an English teacher for professionals as well as a translator, translating books from English into Italian and viceversa.
I sing in a choir called the Merry Maidens, a women’s early music vocal ensemble.
I practice BioDanza and meditation. These activities are ones I hold near and dear to my heart because I think it is so important to continually deepen my aptitude for compassionate listening. It is also essential in helping me to create rituals which respond to your needs and ideas.
I am also a qualified IRACE (Institute for Research of Applied Cosmic Energy) practitioner; the method applies energy to specific centers in the body, and the sessions are very quick, lasting max 5 minutes, very handy for nervous brides (and grooms, and everybody, really!). I have also taken courses in Harmonic Massage and love offering massages to friends and family.

A very good friend of mine has suggested I answer the questions in the Proust Questionnaire, I selected a few and here are my replies: My main feature: generosity
The quality I like best in a man: determination
And in a woman: being open-armed
My worst trait: haste
The quality I would love to have: being more flexible
What I appreciate most in my friends: their ability to forgive my long absences
Hobbies: singing, drawing
My dream of happiness: being treated like a princess and learning to laze about
Favorite writers: Pablo Neruda, Ann Tyler, Barbara Kingsolver (among many others)
My greatest misfortune: becoming blind
My favorite historical character: M.L. King, Rosa Parks
The nation where I would like to move: New Zealand (not forever)
My favorite color: purple in all its hues
My favorite flower: tulips
My favorite classical composer: J.S. Bach
How I wish to die: in peace
Current state of mind: open to anything
Faults I tolerate best: those linked to old age
My favorite motto: Life is short, eat dessert first