Dear Jo,
Louis and I would like to thank you for a truly beautiful ceremony.
It had everything that one would have wished, dignity, grace and sincerity. You conducted the ceremony in such a moving way and made it so personal and particular to Susan and Matt that we felt you really elevated a simple ceremony into something extremely touching. and special.
The ceremony combined with the backdrop of the Tuscan hills could not have been more perfect!!
I was so sorry not to be able to thank you personally. I had no idea that you were leaving quite so swiftly after the ceremony. I do hope that your mother is making progress and feeling better.
I was thrilled with the beautiful reading you sent to Susan – “Thoughts in a Garden” . It could not have been more appropriate, and I loved reading it too.
Thank you once again Joe for making such an important occasion in our daughter’s life so meaningful.
With our warmest wishes to you
(parents of the bride)