I have to first say that before even contacting you I got an idea about what you were like. Your website was the best indicator, of course. Oddly, you were the only one I contacted, the only one I thought could make this happen. And why? Because of your eyes. They smile, Jo, as you do. They’re warm and deep and speak of contentment and confidence and joy. How could I not go with you? I have to say, that the only doubt I had, was that you were soooo nice that I began to wonder if you were flaky. Do you know that term? Somebody too new-age, spiritual, wacky. But of course, though you have those elements in you, you are not flaky–you’re actually very grounded. And very real. And very beautiful, inside and out. As the months went on I hoped that we would actually like you when we met you, and I am so very glad that we did. We do. Thanks for being you.