Often, the WPs ask us celebrants of symbolic ceremonies to share all the materials we usually only send the couples we are preparing the ceremony for; I know the request is only right under their point of view, as a WP’s task it to have everything under control.
The portfolio we created in the many years of our work as symbolic ceremony celebrants was built through years of hard work and experience: this is why we are reluctant to send out the materials, and explaining why is not the easiest task, that sometimes, luckily not too often, causes unpleasant returns. 
Therefore, why should WPs trust us celebrants of symbolic ceremonies? For three good reasons:
The celebrants working for TuscanPledges have been in the business for over 15 years; we are not only celebrants, we are also used to working with people and this is actually our strongpoint! We take pride in how we start a direct relationship with the couple, creating a trustworthy bond with them. Our professionalism in this respect is definitely a plus for the WPs we work with.
We save you all the work, simply handing you the order of service before the ceremony, which is in fact all you need to follow the progress of the symbolic ceremony on the day of the wedding.
We are used to coordinating with DJs, musicians and photographers, and can actually signal the musicians when to start playing at the processional, at the signing of the parchment, at the recessional, and all the other significant moments during the ceremony. It’s in fact easier for us, as we are usually next to them, and a simple look is often all it takes!