As stated in our mission page, we are proud of being a fully-inclusive, non-discriminating organization, but being all lay celebrants, we cannot perform religious ceremonies.
The reason why most couples choose us is because they want to create a bespoke ceremony and do not wish to pretend their symbolic ceremony is legally-binding or religious.
And this is what we do best, creating a script based on who you are, on your love only; this is what makes it special for you and your guests.
Having said this, we encourage you to have appointed guests offer prayers or excerpts from the Bible, Quran, Torah and other scriptures, if this is important to you; we are very open to your inputs and want to meet your needs!
Some couples do not ask this for themselves; they may not be particularly religious, but want some religious features included for the sake of their parents/guests. In our experience, even the most enthusiastic religious guests come thank us for the deeply moving words we spoke, and for the fact that the ceremony was truly about the couple.
Please trust us, your ceremony will exceed your expectation and will win over the most traditional of your guests!