Female celebrant vs male celebrant

You may have noticed that almost all the celebrants in our team are women. So when a couple tells us that they would be more comfortable with male celebrant holding their ceremony, we think this is a bit odd.
It may have made more sense in the past, when weddings were celebrated in churches and only by priests.

The consecration of female pastors is quite a recent achievement, but a reality nonetheless. (I choose not to delve into the subject of the Canon law not allowing nuns to preach, let alone officiate weddings. As daughter of a Protestant minister, I still find this rule very hard to accept).

I don’t want to start a gender debate, celebrants can be excellent at their job, but also bad at it, regardless of their sex, just like for any other job.

One couple told me they would find a male celebrant more authoritative, respected, but most of all, more aesthetic! I was hoping this was not their preference, but their families’, but they confirmed it was their first choice.

My conclusion is, aim for a great celebrant without the preconception that you would prefer a male or female celebrant: in interviewing a celebrant, find out what they have to offer, whether they are compatible with you, and if they listen to your needs. Trust your gut feeling!
After which, I believe your decision will not depend on the sex of the person who will help make your day memorable!