Open tulips for bouquets with autumn colors

Today I would like to share with you one of the most important details in a wedding, the bridal bouquet.

You may have noticed the recent trend of reflexing tulips, which often come in warm fall colors. Due to their beauty and versatiity, tulips are a very popular flower for bridal bouquets.

Nowadays, the color palette for reflex tulips is favoring fall hues such as brown, dark red, gold and orange, warm shades that are perfect for fall and winter weddings, but can become special also in other seasons.

Reflexing tulips shows their inner core, creating a great visual impact; tulips can be used alone, or combined with other flowers and greenery to create a more articulated bridal bouquet.

If you are thinking of including reflex tulips in your bouquet, keep in mind that they need to be high quality flowers, to make sure your bouquet looks perfect all through your big day.
Always choose your bouquet keeping your wedding gown and your color palette in mind. If your wedding has a special theme, your bouquet should match it, or at least match part of the floral arrangements. Choosing the right bouquet may make the difference and make your wedding day even more special..