Secret Vow Renewal

Every article you read speaks about weddings, but surely you must have heard someone mention a ceremony concerning wedding anniversaries, the vow renewal, the most romantic way to show your love and confirms the decision to get married in the past.
Lately, this symbolic ceremony is following a new trend, becoming the Secret Vow Renewal!

What do we mean by Secret Vow Renewal?

If you have been married for a few years, at least once in your married life you may have thought about renewing your vows, either to mark a special anniversary, to be grateful for what you have, or just because you loved your wedding party so much that you want to do it all over again

Vow renewals usually involve the participation of close friends and family who join in the fun and help you celebrate, but we also have some couples who prefer to dedicate all the time and fun to themselves, and rekindle the love.

In the past few year, wedding vow renewals have been following a different trend, becoming secret vow renewals.
In our experience, it is usually the husbands that contact us to organize a vow renewal unbeknownst to the wives, and they usually go to great lengths to create a memorable event, sometimes asking for one of his wife’s friend’s help to make sure the wife packs a nice dress, possibly white, and ordering flowers, cake and bubbles, and of course a new ring to top it all.

We at offer all the help we can to make these events unforgettable for both, and suggest ways to get the information we need also from the unsuspecting wife, to write our scripts.

Kudos to these brave hubbies that find ways to surprise their wives just like they did in the honeymoon season!