What is the main purpose of a wedding?

So your partner has finally proposed and now you are taking the first steps to organize your wedding.

You are a newbie, so the easiest thing is to rely on the expertise of a wedding planner, or a wedding portal that will provide a checklist on what to do next.
The first step is to book a venue and a photographer, it’s never too early, for those are the vendors that go first.

But when you think about it, why are you getting married?

Is it for the lovely venue, your dream gown, the beautiful pictures, for the great food you will offer your friends and families, for the party?
Sure, those details are a lot of fun, but when you really think about it, those are things that you could offer at any party!

So what is the main purpose of a wedding?

It’s your vows, it’s sharing your promises before your loved ones. Could you do that without a wedding ceremony, and a celebrant who will guide you to create with you the most memorable moment of the day?
Trust me, a beautiful wedding ceremony sets the pace for the most unforgettable day, for you and your guests. A ceremony held by a professional who will guide you, and suggest what to include to create a ceremony reflecting who you are as a couple, and honoring the values that made you take the step and decide to get married.
My tip is to pay special attention to the wedding ceremony as much as you do to all the other details, if not more. The wedding ceremony may not be the last detail your guests will remember when they go home, but trust me, the next day the comments you will get will certainly be about how professional your celebrant was and how lovely the ceremony was!