We were absolutely thrilled to work with Jo from Tuscan Pledges from the moment we first met her. Her warm and calming demeanor immediately put us at ease, and we knew right away that she was the perfect person to officiate our special day.
Jo took the time to speak with us and genuinely get to know us as a couple. She sent us separate questionnaires to gain further insight into our relationship and how we felt about one another. This thoughtful process allowed her to craft the most beautiful ceremony that truly blew us away.
Having attended many weddings, we’ve often heard officiants go through the motions. However, Jo made our ceremony incredibly unique by tailoring it to us and the journey we have shared together. Her dedication and attention to detail were evident, making our day even more memorable. On the day itself, Jo’s calming presence kept us at ease during the ceremony, allowing us to fully enjoy and savor each moment. Her ability to capture the essence of our love and present it so eloquently left a lasting impression on us and our guests. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ceremony. Thank you, Jo, for making our day so special and unforgettable.


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