Why you should choose to have a professional celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony.

Imagine your wedding, which you have been planning for a year and more, without a ceremony; impossible, right?

Now, try to visualize this crucial moment completely different from what you had imagined it to be, because it was too short, or entirely unbalanced.

Some of our potential couples opt for a friend or a relative to hold their wedding ceremony, and not necessarily for economic reasons. They believe that someone who has known them forever will be able to create a more personalized ceremony. As a professional celebrant, let me disagree with that.

Friends and families should be invited to your wedding only as guests, to enjoy the ceremony, the dinner and the party, and should not be given the responsibility to perform a service that only a professional has been trained to offer. Professional celebrants have been trained to create a personalized ceremony just the way you want it, balancing every moment, including the right moment at the right time so that everything runs smoothly. They will help you decide where to place the poems, the music pieces, the vows, and will offer you all the advice their training has provided them with.

A professional celebrant knows how to create a personalized ceremony that is just the way you want it, balancing every moment, inserting the moments in the right spaces so that everything makes sense. He will help you choose where to put the poems, the musical pieces, the promises, and he will give you all the advice that the experience has given him.

Professional celebrants are trained to speak in public, are not embarrassed to be before all those people; they may find the moment very moving, but will do that tactfully.

They know how to address the couple and their guests and will coordinate with the musicians, to make sure words and music do not overlap and that there are no awkward silences in the ceremony.

Finally, a professional celebrant can convey the solemnity and credibility a friend or a relative would hardly transmit, because they have always been seen by the couple and their guests under a completely different role that does not have the gravitas the situation requires.

Photo by Lenny Pellico