Symbolic ceremonies: My source of inspiration

I am sometimes asked why I started my business as a symbolic wedding celebrant. There is an explanation that goes beyond the plain facts: since I was a little girl, I’ve always seen my parents preach and speak to their congregations, and I thought this was normal. Could I say it was a genetic trait […]

Secret Vow Renewal


Every article you read speaks about weddings, but surely you must have heard someone mention a ceremony concerning wedding anniversaries, the vow renewal, the most romantic way to show your love and confirms the decision to get married in the past.Lately, this symbolic ceremony is following a new trend, becoming the Secret Vow Renewal! What […]

What is the main purpose of a wedding?


So your partner has finally proposed and now you are taking the first steps to organize your wedding. You are a newbie, so the easiest thing is to rely on the expertise of a wedding planner, or a wedding portal that will provide a checklist on what to do next.The first step is to book […]

Female celebrant vs male celebrant


You may have noticed that almost all the celebrants in our team are women. So when a couple tells us that they would be more comfortable with male celebrant holding their ceremony, we think this is a bit odd.It may have made more sense in the past, when weddings were celebrated in churches and only […]

Open tulips for bouquets with autumn colors


Today I would like to share with you one of the most important details in a wedding, the bridal bouquet. You may have noticed the recent trend of reflexing tulips, which often come in warm fall colors. Due to their beauty and versatiity, tulips are a very popular flower for bridal bouquets. Nowadays, the color […]